Bakerbond® Speedisk® Reuse Protocol
  1. Using pliers, carefully and evenly remove the retaining ring from a used Bakerbond Speedisk and discard the retaining ring, fine plastic mesh, small white circular frit, sorbent and the filters.
  2. Keep only the coarse plastic mesh and the cup. Clean these parts as appropriate and insert the coarse plastic mesh back into the cup for reuse (Speedisk assembly).
  3. Insert the 50 mm Xenomax® SPE filter into the cup so the fibrous side of the filter faces you.
  4. Optional: Place the 50mm Xenomax® GMF Prefilter on top of the SPE Filter so the fibrous side faces you.
  5. Insert the retaining ring into the cup and press it all the way into the cup using the Insertion Tool.
  6. The Xenosep SPE filter is now ready for use.
  7. Repeat removal/cleaning/assembly process as needed starting with step #1.