Elution/Cleaning Apparatus

Integral Design Maximizes Filtration Efficiency, Simplifies Analyte Recovery, and Ensures Reproducible Results

  • Unique integral apparatus increases productivity and lowers cost per result
  • Disposable prepacked sodium sulfate cartridge
    maximizes recoveries, speed, and eliminates off-line transfers
  • Dedicated station for sample elution, drying and CIP (clean-in-place) glassware solvent rinsing
  • Universal TS 24/25 joint for collection into standard TS 24/40 flask
  • Flat sided flask gently evaporates extract to increase recoveries and lower MDLs

Distillation/Evaporation Apparatus

  • Compact cross-over condenser design simplifies solvent recovery and provides analyst protection

  • Flat sided flask optimized to reduce distillation/evaporation times

  • N2 inlet provided for safety and faster distillation/evaporation