Conditioning/Filtration Apparatus

The First SPE Filter and Glass Apparatus Specially Designed for Dirty Wastewater Samples

  • Short wide funnel for easy access and effective glassware rinsing
  • Built-In space for optional prefilters, filter aids, and/or drying agent additions to “wet” solids
  • Secure coupler maximizes effective filtration area and prevents assembly misalignment
  • Teflon® encapsulated O-ring seal eliminates solvent and vacuum leaks without extractables
  • Solid rimmed stainless steel support prevents analyte bypass
  • Flared collection tube for easy removal
  • Wider internal diameter stem maximizes filtration rates
  • Universal Ts 40/35 joint connects to elution apparatus or standard multi-place manifold, optimized to accept 30 mm OD vials or collection tubes
  • Easy to clean glassware minimizes breakage and fits standard washers