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Xenosep® Technologies
10 Times Faster for Extract Drying Applications

Pre-Formed Conical Filter
Saves Time and Solvent–Reduces Cost and Increases Lab Productivity

For about the same price as your current filter, new FunnelFit Conical Filters eliminate the mundane and frustrating preparation steps required when working with cumbersome, ill-fitting, pre-pleated or quadrant folded filters. Our pre-formed conical filter fits the funnel perfectly every time which improves quality by preventing sample bypass and tip blow-out.

Using FunnelFit™ Conical Filters is 10 times faster than quadrant folding circular filters which improves laboratory productivity
FunnelFit™ Conical Filters fit the funnel perfectly– ensures high quality results
Eliminate folding, repositioning, and pre-wetting hassles to save time and solvent costs
Download FunnelFit™ Filter Datasheet Here...
Ordering Information
Catalog No. Description/Grade Qty/Pack Compare to Whatman #
2440-125 125 mm DA-Medium (8-12 µm) 100 1440-125
2440-150 150 mm DA-Medium (8-12 µm) 100 1440-150
2441-125 125 mm DA-Coarse (20-25 µm) 100 1441-125
2441-150 120 mm DA-Coarse (20-25 µm) 100 1441-150
2442-125 125 mm DA-Fine (2-3 µm) 100 1442-125
2442-150 150 mm DA-Fine (2-3 µm) 100 1442-150

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